Zwei-Stein Video Editor 3.0.1 Download Free

Zwei-Stein Video Editor 3.0.1 Download Free ZS4 Video Editor is a free software to download and use. There is a button to donate software money in case you decide to contribute to its development. Zwei-Stein is a video editing and composition software whose objective is to provide the possibility of combining a variety of media types.

This video editor can be used when the final result is a combination of more than 2 media sources presented simultaneously or each aspect of the composition process must be interspersed with an adjustable interpolation algorithm, from rotation of angles to volume of audio and the sensitivity of the chroma key.

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Also, Zwei-Stein Video Editor can be used to create custom effects and image creation processes by combining any number of effects with a highly flexible and infinitely variable toolbox of “primitive” images or to capture video files from a device of standard capture.

Main features of the ZweiStein Video Editor software:

  • The unlimited number of audio / video effects for each track.
  • An unlimited number of audio, video and photo tracks.
  • Produces videos with a resolution between 8×8 and 16000×16000 (~ 200 Megapixels / frame) and many sizes.
  • Complete automation control for all track and effect variables through key images.
  • Complete cross integration of audio and video.
  • It adjusts how time passes in different directions, that is, it is able to accelerate the video, forward the video forward, backward or even slow down.
  • It is capable of making groups of the audio files of the video files so that they can be manipulated more easily since they can be worked with as if they were a single file.
  • Supports up to sixteen audio channels per track maximum.
  • Integral DSP audio that runs at 48 kHz (16channelsx32 bits) with 64-bit normalization security.
  • Sox audio processing on all .zs4 platforms will implement a Sox front end that fully integrates with the native functions.
  • Musical time toolbars to allow time-related operations within the context of beats / bars / parts.

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