Windows 8.1 AIO x86 x64 All in One Crack With Serial Key

Windows 8.1 AIO x86 x64 All in One Crack With Serial Key ISO Download

Windows 8.1 AIO x86 x64 All in One Crack

Windows 8.1 AIO Crack is very useful have more demand in office use, home use and personal use today this is the latest and cool version issued by Microsoft. we will share a master Windows 8.1 AIO Update November 2015 complete with activator . Windows 8.1 AIO is a Windows driver that is composed of various windows 8.1 in 1 this ISO file . So you can choose the type of windows you want to install to your computer or laptop . For those of you who do not have activator windows 8.1 , please download it first on the link below.

Windows 8.1 AIO Serial Key ISO is the most important changes to the Windows can be noted that due to lack of user interest in Windows 8’s Metro interface and the user interface placed on the sidelines after Windows startup led directly to the Desktop.

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Windows 8.1 AIO x86 x64 Activator Keys :

Windows 8.1 Core Installation Key = 334NH-RXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT
Windows 8.1 gvlkCore Installation Key  = M9Q9P-WNJJT-6PXPY-DWX8H-6XWKK

Windows 8.1 CoreSingleLanguage Installation Key  = Y9NXP-XT8MV-PT9TG-97CT3-9D6TC
Windows 8.1 gvlkCoreSingleLanguage Installation Key  = BB6NG-PQ82V-VRDPW-8XVD2-V8P66

Windows 8.1 Professional Installation Key  = XHQ8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB
Windows 8.1 gvlkProfessional Installation Key  = GCRJD-8NW9H-F2CDX-CCM8D-9D6T9

Windows 8.1 ProfessionalWMC Installation Key  = GBFNG-2X3TC-8R27F-RMKYB-JK7QT
Windows 8.1 gvlkProfessionalWMC Installation Key  = 789NJ-TQK6T-6XTH8-J39CJ-J8D3P

Windows 8.1 gvlkEnterprise Installation Key  = MHF9N-XY6XB-WVXMC-BTDCT-MKKG7

Windows 8.1 Latest Features

New Metro interface for touch screens
A new version of the browser Internet Explorer 11
Login using Image
The new Task Manager
Setting up Windows with Flash Memory
Support for multiple displays
Support for USB3
Support the ARM architecture in addition to Intel and AMD
Ability to restore the operating system to factory settings
New programming ReFS file system
Support for the near field communication (NFC)
RAID1 and RAID5 support technology
The ability to open files of ISO, IMG, and VHD default.

Added updates:

KB2899189, KB2920189, KB2931366, KB2939153, KB2939576, KB2950153, KB2954879-v2, KB2956575, KB2957189, KB2958262, KB2959626-v2, KB2961072, KB2962140, KB2962872, KB2964718, KB2964736, KB2965142, KB2965788, KB2966804, KB2967917, KB2969817, KB2971203, KB2971850, KB2972094, KB2972280, KB2973201, KB2973351, KB2974008, KB2934018, KB2959977, KB2934520, KB2955164, KB2965500, KB2962409, KB2973448, KB2975061.

32-bit Sources:
64-bit Sources:

Upgrade Note:
ei.cfg is present. You will need to extract the iso and delete this
file to upgrade from a previous version of Windows. You will also want to
allow setup to download updates during upgrade process. You use the key
appropriate to the index you wish to install in the txt file I provided.
Then, after setup, you change your key to whatever you wish and activate.

Installation guide

1. First version to download and decompress them.
2. Using ISO file Rufus placed on a USB Flash fold and then install Windows.
3. placed with the tools Microsoft Toolkit to activate your Windows.

Windows 8.1 AIO x86 x64 All in One Crack With Serial Key

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