Windows 10 Permanent Activator Ultimate 2.0 Download Free

Windows 10 Permanent Activator Ultimate 2.0 is a program that looks for MAK (multiple activation) keys and retail keys on different servers to activate Windows 10 and previous versions.The keys are updated automatically every day, making it one of the best activators for Windows with daily MAK keys and retail key updates.

Windows 10 Permanent Activator Ultimate 2.0 Download Free

Windows 10 Permanent Activator

This is Windows 10 Permanent Activator Ultimate 2.0, an alternative to KMSPico and Microsoft Toolkit to activate Windows 10 and other versions of Microsoft Operating System.


Among the novelties of the version 2.0 of this activator, we have:

Digital activation entitlement for Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise LTSB 2016.
Skype activation error corrected.
Added latest version of Skype portable.
KMS update tool.
Correction of all other errors.

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Multiple activation keys (MAK) and Retail for Windows 10.
Windows Skype Activation.
Web Activation.
Activation Digital Rights.
KMS activation.
Product key uninstallation.
Semi-automatic activation of Windows 10 by Skype (permanent activation via the telephone).
Automatic updates of Skype disabled.
Created installation ID.
Skype account update periodically.
Activating Windows
Windows 10 Permanent Activator Ultimate allows you to activate all editions of:

Windows 10 torrent.
Windows Vista torrent.
Windows 7 torrent.
Windows 8.1 torrent.
Windows 8 torrent.
Windows Server 2008/2008 R2
Windows Server 2012/2012 R2
Office 2010 torrent.
Office 2013 torrent.
Office 2016 torrent.

How to activate Windows?

Activation by phone:

1. Install the Windows 10 permanent activator.
2. Run as administrator.
3. Click on “Clean Activation History”.
4. Select your edition of Windows.
5. Click “Update Keys”.
6. Click “Install Key”.
7. Click on “Skype Activation Now”.
8. Click on “Skype Account Update” to update a new Skype account.
9. Click “Make Installation ID” to get the installation ID.
10. Click on “Start Skype” after Skype starts, call: +448000188354.
11. Complete Skype conversation by answering the correct answers in order to successfully verify.
12. For security reasons, please enter the number using the numeric keypad.
13. Dial the numbers using the tone pad that the robot speaker has given you.
14. Choose the appropriate options when prompted for the installation ID.
15. Click on “Send Installation ID” and immediately click on the Skype touch keyboard (it will automatically send the installation ID).
16. Now, the Robot has to tell you the confirmation ID.
17. Please enter the confirmation ID in “Confirmation ID: Textbox” after you have finished typing.
18. Click on “Confirmation ID” for the permanent activation of Windows 10.
19. That’s it, to check the activation click on “Check Permanent Activation”.

Web Activation:

1. Be sure to use only RETAIL KEYS in MS Mobile web activation. Do not attempt VL Editions or MAK keys because it will destroy the installation ID.
2. Click “Make Installation ID” to get installation ID.
3. Click on “Send Installation ID” to send the installation ID to the web activation.
4. Click “Get Confirmation ID” to get the confirmation ID in the application.
5. Click on “Send Confirmation ID” to send the confirmation ID to Windows.
6. Click “Check Activation” to verify the permanent activation of Windows 10.

Activation by digital ownership:

1. Make sure you have installed or upgraded to Windows 10 TH2 or Anniversary Update!
2. Installation or upgrade of Build 10586 or higher.
3. Disable any antivirus (Windows Defender in Windows 10) temporarily.
4. Then run this program as administrator
5. Click on “Clean Activation History”.
6. Select your Windows.
7. Click “Update Keys”.
8. Click on “Install Mak Key”.
9. Click on “Install Retail Key” (PS: There are certain keys that for some reason can not be used to activate, take the time to test each key until it finds the correct key).
10. Click on “Get Digital Rights Activation”.
11. Finally click on “Check Activation” (Consult your activation of Permanent Windows).

KMS Activation:

This is the easiest way to use this Windows 10 permanent activator. Simply click on “KMS Activation Now!”, Wait for it to activate and go!


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