Sublime Text 3.0 Download Free With Serial Key 2017

Sublime Text 3.0 Download Free With Serial Key 2017 This final version of 2017 that I even use it, is a powerful text editor to multiple programming languages known as C ++, php, html and many others. But the program is complete for Download where we have included the Serial to be able to activate it in a Full form is also compatible with Windows and also includes Portable version, possibly the only negative is that it is in English but it is not an impediment to enjoy this Incredible software, I recommend you to see the features, information and captures of Sublime Text 3,

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Description of the program

Is a very light and minimalist code editor. Many will remind the veteran emacs. The code is presented in tabs, with syntax coloring for most languages and nineteen elegant color schemes for the background. Writing code quickly and effectively is, for a programmer, the most important thing. A simple editor that facilitates navigation through text is an attractive option.Writing code quickly and effectively is, for a programmer, the most important thing. A simple editor that facilitates navigation through text is an attractive option. Two functions help navigate the code: the minimap and QuickPanel.

Sublime Text 3.0 Download Free With Serial Key 2017


  • Minimap: it is a preview of the structure of the code, it is very useful to scroll through the file when the structure of the file is well known.
  • Multi Selection: Makes a multiple selection of a term by different parts of the file.
  • Multi-Cursor: Create cursors with which we can write arbitrary text in different positions of the file.
  • Multi-Layout: Bring seven template configurations we can choose to edit in a single window or split up to four vertical windows or four windows in grid.Native support for a multitude of languages: It supports 43 native programming languages and plain text.
  • Syntax Highlight configurable: Syntax highlighting is fully configurable through user configuration files.
  • Dynamic Search: You can search for regular expressions or by files, projects, directories, a conjunction of them or all at once.
  • Auto-completion and tagging of keys: You can go to the key that closes or opens a block in a simple way.
  • Support for Snippets and Plugins: Snippets are similar to macros or bundles in addition to the existence of a multitude of plugins.
  • Total configuration of Keybindings: All keys can be overwritten to our liking.
  • Quick access to line or file: You can open a file using the Cmd + P key set in Mac OS X or Ctrl + P in Windows and Linux and typing the
  • name of the file or navigating through a list. You can also go to a line using the colon “:” and the line number.
  • Command Palette: A Python interpreter designed only for the program with which you can perform many tasks.
  • Colouring and syntax wrapping: If written in a programming language or markup, it highlights the syntax expressions of that language to facilitate its reading.
  • Tabs: You can open several documents and organize them into tabs.
  • Highlighting of parentheses and indentation: When the user places the cursor in a parenthesis, bracket or key, it highlights the parenthesis, bracket or key of closing or corresponding opening.

Supported languages:

  • ActionScript
  • AppleScript
  • ASP
  • Batch File
  • C
  • C #
  • C ++
  • Clojure
  • CSS
  • D
  • Diff
  • Erlang
  • Regular expression
  • Go
  • Graphviz (DOT)
  • Groovy
  • Haskell
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Latex
  • Lisp
  • Makefile
  • Markdown
  • Objective-C
  • Ocaml
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • R
  • Rails
  • ReStructuredText
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • Shell Script (Bash)
  • SQL
  • Tcl
  • Plain text
  • Textile
  • XML
  • XSL
  • YAML

Last Changes:

  • New color schemes Breakers, Mariana and Sixteen, derived from the excellent work of Chris Kempson and Dmitri Voronianski
  • Legacy color schemes were removed and moved to an optional package in Package Control
  • Improved Adaptive theme
  • Best viewing of white space visible on HiDPI screens
  • Linux: Added repositories for apt, yum and pacman
  • Several enhancements in syntax highlighting, including significant improvements for R, thanks to randy3k
  • Several improvements in regex management in the Search panel
  • Add equivalent commands for the Search in Files panel
  • OSX: Added basic touch bar support
  • Fixed text widgets that cut the bottom pixel of your selection border
  • Fixed problem with close_windows_when_empty in empty session
  • Correction of Open Containing Folder in Windows with a folder containing a comma
  • Fix the multiple cursor by pasting when the clipboard contains one or more complete lines
  • Prevent UNC paths from being modified by edit_settings
  • Mini HTML: Fix an invalid CSS vars lock
  • Themes: Default a font.size = 11 when theme does not specify size
  • API: Fixed score selection with &

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