Screen GIF 2017.4 Full Gif Image Recording Download Free

Screen GIF 2017.4 final version november, this software allows us to record any part of the desktop and from this create an animated gif now that they have become quite popular on social networks like facebook and twitter , so simple and easy do not wait any longer to create gif from videos like the screen of your PC but it is not only create them we can also customize and optimize them, the program is compressed where the full activation crack is included as in Portable version, has different languages continue to see features, description and images of Screen GIF 2017,

Screen GIF 2017.4 Full Gif Image Recording Download Free

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Screen GIF – this program allows you to capture GIF images directly from your screen. Anything that occurs on your screen can be easly captured by Screen GIF and saved directly as an animated GIF image. All in an extremely easy to use program interface very simple and powerful.


  • Extremely easy to use – Run the program and use the start / stop controls to record GIF.
  • Easy GIF image editor – The built-in GIF editor allows you to customize your GIF.
  • Various optimizations GIF – GIF several optional optimizations for smaller GIF images.
  • Grayscale capture – Capture grayscale images to reduce the overall size of the GIF.
  • Scale percentage – Capture scale images in a percentage of a smaller GIF size.
  • Auxiliary installation program – GIF The screen can be installed and uninstalled safely and easily.
  • Update wizard program – Check for new versions and download directly from the program.
  • It is multilanguage – The GIF screen user interface is available in several languages.
  • And many, many more … – Discover how Screen GIF can be useful for you!

What’s new in 2017.4 ?:

Fix an “Out of system resources” error if we try to scale the system resources.
final image GIF in both directions: specifying a percentage of scale
or specifying a fixed width and height.

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