Notepad++ v7.4 Final, Download Free With Serial Key 2017

Notepad++ v7.4 Final, Download Free With Serial Key 2017, this is a powerful and free program developed under c ++ that allows the editing of text code in multiple programming languages from PHP, HTML, XML And much more, it is Highly lightweight and does not consume PC resources, this software is complete for download in different languages with Portable is multilingual Spanish included, you can continue to see all the features, description and images of Notepad ++, in weight of only fifteen megs in different pages for Download it,

Description of the program

Notepad ++ has all the same great features of Notepad ++, including support for multiple languages and an extensive system of plugins, but nothing to install.

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  • Syntax highlighting and Folding syntax
  • Supported languages:
  • C C ++ Java C # XML HTML
  • ASCII art makefile PHP CSS (.nfo) doxygen ini file
  • Batch file Javascript ASP VB / VBS SQL Objective-C
  • RC Pascal Perl Python Lua TeX Resource File
  • Properties Lisp Scheme TCL Ruby Assembler
  • Dif Smalltalk Postscript VHDL Ada Caml
  • AutoIt KiXtart Matlab Verilog Haskell InnoSetup

Notepad++ v7.4 Final, Download Free With Serial Key 2017

If you have a color printer, print your source code (or whatever you want) in color.User Defined syntax highlighting It allows the user to define their own language: not only highlighting syntax keywords, but also folding syntax keywords, comment keywords and operators. (Screenshot1, screenshot2, screenshot3, screenshot4).Self-realizationFor more compatible languages, the user can make their own list / API (or download the API files from the dowload section). Once the api file is ready, press Ctrl + Space to launch this action (see screenshot). For more information about Self-realization, please see HOW Self-realization.


You can edit multiple documents at the same time.Multi-ViewYou have two points of view at the same time. This means that you can view (edit) 2 different documents at the same time (screen capture). You can view (edit) in the 2 visits a document in 2 different positions as well. Modifying the document in a single view will take place in another viewpoint (that is, it changes the same document when in clone mode).Common Expressions Search / Replace Supported You can search for and replace a string in the document by using the regular expression.Drag Drop complete ‘N’ supportedYou can open a document by drag-and-drop. You can also move your document from one location (or even one view) to another by dragging and dropping.

Dynamic View Position

The user can adjust the position of the viewpoints dynamically (only in 2 views mode: the divider can be adjusted horizontally or vertically), see screen capture.Auto Detect File Status If you modify or delete an open file in Notepad ++, you will be notified to update your document (load the file or delete the file).Zoom in and out the imagelThat’s another great feature of the Scintilla component. Just watch the screenshot.Supported multi-language environment The Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew Windows environments are supported. See Notepad ++ under Chinese Windows, under Arabic Windows and under Hebrew Windows on the Action screen.Marker The user can simply click on the marker margin (located right side of the margin line number) or press Ctrl + F2 to change a book mark. To reach the marker, simply type F2 (Next marker) or Shift + F2 (Previous marker). To delete all bookmarks, click the Search-> Delete All Bookmarks menu. See screenshot.

Parentheses and Indentation Highlighted

When the cursor stays next to one of the symbols {} [] (), the symbol next to the cursor and its symmetrical opposite symbol will be highlighted, as well as the dash directive (if any) in order to locate the block with Greater ease. See screenshot1, screenshot2.
Macro recording and playback

You can save several macros and edit their keyboard shortcuts for the next use.

What’s New: Notepad ++ 7.4 Bug fixes and improvements:
1. Add the snapshot function of the document.
2. Add snapshot to the document map function.
3. Correct the problem by clicking links in html / js / asp / php.
4. Foldable vetical arrangement line loses color after changing style doubling via preference dialog.
5. Improve the folding function (multi-line of quotation marks) for python.
6. Improve the certificate verification method.
7. Correct the problem of losing syntax highlighting while changing the file extension (by “Save As”).
8. Improve the user interface of the “Windows” dialog (Menu “Window-> Windows …”) to sort.
9. Apply the new custom file encoding (Unicode or not) when opening an empty content file.
10. Improve the visibility of white space while activating the display of white space.
11. Support RTL for header and footer printing.
12. Add a warning message to start the folder as a workspace while files and folders are deleted in Notepad ++.
13. Drag and drop tabs are possible in tab mode
14. Fix the problem of right clicking on the tabs of several lines.
15. Add new tabs in motion with the mouse wheel function (SHIFT + Mouse wheel)
16. Correct the text in the active tabs (multi-line mode) problem is cut off.
17. Correct the regression to save the session file (for the session file extension, if set).
18. Improve saving workspace file by adding workspace file extension (if set).

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