Mountain Lion Skin Pack Download Free

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Skin Pack is a package that consists of several elements that change the appearance of our Windows 7 operating system, transforming it into Mac OS X, it also adds the features found in the Apple operating system. The package is very easy to install, just run the installation program and follow the instructions. The installation is safe since the software creates a restore point in the system and adds the corresponding entries in “Add / Remove Programs”. Uninstall the package is done the same way you would uninstall any application from your computer.

After installing the package, our system will look very similar to the Mac OS X Mountain Lion desktop. The package includes the RocketDock program that adds a dock at the bottom of the screen, the XWidget program to add widgets on your screen (similar to the Mac desktop), the launchpad launch program adds its Launchpad bar and many other items.

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Mountain Lion Skin Pack Download Free

It also changes the design of the system – Windows look like the Mac window, instead of the standard Windows closing buttons, maximize and minimize are placed three colored buttons (like a traffic light). The pack also change the icon of folders and system files will be adapted and new mouse cursors are also added.

The package also installs a window management system, called Expose. This function allows you to darken the screen in the background, and then shows all the open windows next to it. This allows us to more easily find the application that is running and switch between open windows. In addition to changes to the desktop, Mac OS X Mountain Lion Pack also changes the image during startup, called BootScreen. After installation, we will have a loading screen with a background like that of an original Apple Macintosh computer in addition to changing the background of the login screen.Attention! Download several versions of the skins package, choose the one appropriate for your system version – 32 bits (x86) or 64 bits (x64).

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