LibreOffice v5.3.4.2 (x86/x64) Download Free With Serial Key 2017

LibreOffice v5.3.4.2 (x86/x64) Download Free With Serial Key 2017 LibreOffice is a powerful office suite; Its clean interface and powerful tools allow you to unleash your creativity and grow your productivity. LibreOffice incorporates several applications that make it the most powerful Free and Open Source Office suite on the market: Writer, Word Processor, Calc, Spreadsheet, Impress, Presentation Editor, Draw, our drawing application and Flow Diagrams, Base, our database and interface with other databases, and Math for editing mathematical formulas.

LibreOffice 5.0 brings a user interface with important improvements, with a better layout on the screen and a cleaner layout. In addition to better interoperability with other office suites such as Microsoft Office and Apple iWork, thanks to new filters for reading non-standard formats. The enhancements have also been added to all suite applications and a 64-bit version is designed for Windows (Vista and later).

Featured Features of Version

A new version for a new effort: LibreOffice 5.0 is the cornerstone for new mobile customers on Android and Ubuntu Touch, and for the next version for the cloud. In this way, LibreOffice 5.0 serves as the basis for current developments and is an excellent platform to expand, innovate and collaborate.

A beautiful suite designed by a fantastic community: With new icons and great improvements in menus and sidebar, LibreOffice is more beautiful and helps users to be creative and do things the right way. In addition, style management is now more intuitive thanks to the preview styles in the interface.

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Professional Spreadsheets: LibreOffice 5.0 contains a significant number of new features and improvements: complex formulas, new functions, new conditional formatting, image cropping, address tables, and more. The careful selection of performance and features makes the Calc spreadsheet a perfect choice for companies, for heavy spreadsheets, and is capable of solving any type of load for a wide range of applications.Better filters for better documents: LibreOffice 5 contains many improvements for importing and exporting documents, making the format conversion faithful to the original. A time stamp can also be applied to PDF files generated by LibreOffice.


  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8;
  • PC Pentium compatible (Pentium III, Athlon, a more recent system is recommended);
  • 256 MB of RAM (512 MB of RAM recommended);
  • At least 1.5 GB available on the hard drive;
  • Resolution of at least 1024 × 768 (highest recommended), with at least 256 colors.
  • For certain software features – but not for the most part – Java is required. Java is especially necessary for Base.

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