FileOptimizer 10.00.1878 Download Free With Serial Key

FileOptimizer 10.00.1878 Download Free With Serial Key File Optimizer is a reliable and useful piece of software designed to provide a simple means of re-compressing and optimizing files of various types and attaching them to emails much easier. As its name implies, the application optimizes all its files, including BMP, CHM, CHS, DOCM, DOCX, FITS, XSF and several other types. In addition, it keeps the behavior of the file untouched, but it is still able to reduce its size thanks to various back-to-compression and optimization techniques that it uses.

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Regardless of the type of file you decide to re-compress and optimize, the utility is very easy to use and is suitable for multiple users, including web developers who need to reduce weight content or webmasters who wish to increase page load speed.Introducing Sports Optimizer an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows you to add all the files you want to optimize or simply drag and drop within the application, and then press the ‘Optimize All Files’ button, which is located at the top of the window.You are able to see the original size of the files, the optimized size and the status of each. By default, the program removes additional metadata and other data that is not needed, but still preserves the original files in the recycle bin, if you want to make any other changes to the originals.The Options window allows you to easily configure the appearance and behavior of the application as well. You can change the optimization level to Normal, Fast or better, as well as to change the priority of the process to Normal, real time or high.Other tabs that can be found in the Options window like GZ, JPEG, MP3 or PNG allow copying metadata and changing the profile of the PDF printer or eBooks.Overall, the File Optimizer makes a good impression and is very useful as it offers an intuitive method of re-compressing files regardless of their type, as it allows you to make use of all available resources and options.

FileOptimizer 10.00.1878 Download Free With Serial Key

Fast facts

• Simple program interface.
• Easy to use.
• Several third-party tools integrated in the same tool (plugins).
• Easy automation through command line.
The key features
• Suitable for home users who need speedup file transfers regardless of whether they are in email attachments, P2P or shared-load servers.
• Suitable for webmasters to increase page load speed.
• Suitable for web developers to reduce weight content.
• Suitable for desktop developers on any platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS, …) to reduce distribution size and reduce loading times.
• Suitable for mobile application developers (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, …) to reduce distribution size and reduce loading times.
• Suitable for server administrators who could integrate FileOptimizer via command line.
• Suitable for content creators and distributors to reduce content weight.

FileOptimizer is an advanced file optimizer that offers a lossless (no loss of quality) file size reduction it supports: .3GP, .A, .AAI, .ACC, .air, APK, .APNG, .APPX, .avs, .bar, .BMP, .bpl, .BSZ, .CBT, .CBZ,CDR, .CDT, .CHM, .CHS, .CHW, .CPL, .CSL, .CSS, .DCX, .DEB, .DES, .DIB,. DLL, .DOC, .DOCM, .DOCX, .DOTM, .DOTX, .DRV, .DWF, .DWFX, .EASM, .EPDF, .EPUB, .EXE, .FAX, .FB2, .FITS, .FLX, .FPX, .FXG, .GXER, .GALLERY, .GALLERYITEM, .GIF, .GRS, .GZ, .HDR, .HRZ, .HTM, .HTML, .ICO, .INK, .IPA, .IPK , .IPSW, .ITA, .ITZ, .JAR, .JFI, .JIF, .JIF, .JNG, .JP2, .JPC, .JPE, .JPEG, .JPG, .JS, .JSON, .KML,. KMZ, .KSF, .LL, .LL, .ML4, .M4B, .M4P, .M4R, .M4V, .MDB, .MDT, .MDZ, .MHT, .MHTML, .MIF, .MIFF, .MIX, .MIZ, .MKA, .MK, .MKIP, .MMG, .MP3, .MP4, .MPD, .MPP, .MPT, .MSI, .MSP, .MST, .MSZ, .MTV, .MZZ , .NAR, .NBK, .NOTEBOOK, .OBJ, .OCX, .ODB, .ODF, .ODG, .ODP, .ODS, .ODT, .EXE, .OGA, .OGG, .OGV,. OGX, .ONE, .OSK, .OST, .OTB, .OXPS, .P7, .PALM, .PBM, .PCC, .PCD, .PCDS, .PCX, .PDB, .PDF, .PFM, .PGM, .PIC, .PIC, .PIC, .PKM, .PKM, .PNM, .POTM, .POTX, .PPM, .PPM, .PPS, .PPSM, .PPSX, .PPT, .PPTM, .PPTX, .PSB , .PSD, .PTIF, .PTIFF, .PUB, .PUZ, .R2SKIN, .RDB, .RVK, .RVT, .S3Z, .SCR, .SGML, .SLDAS, .SLDDRW, .SLDM, .SLDPRT, .SLDX, .SPL, .STZ, .SUN, .SVG, .SVGZ , .SWC, .SWF, .SWF, .SWF, .SYS, .TGZ, .THM, .TIF, .TIFF, .VBX, .VDX, .VICAR, .VIFF, .VLT, .VSD, .VSS, .VST,. VSX, .VTX, .WAL, .WBA, .WBMP, .WEBP, .WMZ, .WSZ, .XAP, .XBM, .XHTML, .XL, .XLAM, .XLM, .XLM, .XLS, .XLSM, .XLSX, .XLTM, .XLTX, .XLW, .XML, .XMZ, .XNK, .XPI, .XPM, .XPS, .XSF, .XSL, .XSLT, .XSN, .XWD, .ZIP, STICKYNOTES. SNT, and Thumbs.DB file formats among others. New in version 10.00.1878:

– Added the EnableCache = false INI setting to enable caching of already optimized files, so they are not reoptimized each time.
– Added configuration AllowMultipleInstances = false INI, to avoid warning of multiple instances of FileOptimizer running (Jack).
– Compiled with the latest C ++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo April 2017 Hotfix.
– Fixed chineese shortcut text error caused by Embarcadero C ++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo, problem in Win64 version when “Link with runtime packets” is set to false.
– Improved GUI drawing performance.
– Improved loss loss optimizations for JPEG and PNG.
– It improves the performance of gifsicle and gifsicle-lossy allowing to use more memory, and using several threads.
– Added nightly compilations in the SVN repository, so they can be publicly tested (Jack, Ryan Morben).
– Gifsicle updated to 1.89 (custom compilation).
– Pngquant updated to 2.10.0.
– Updated to ECT 0.8.2 x86 and x64 optimized build (thanks Malloc Voidstar).
– Leanify update to daily binaries.
– Update SQLite to 3.19.3 x86 and x64 Visual C ++ 2017 custom creations.
– Pingo updated to the versions 0.88 x86 and x64.
– Updating ImageMagick to with HDRI support.
– Distributions updated to 7-Zip 17.00./
– Some minor optimizations and code cleanup.
• 32 Mb of free memory.
• 50 Mb of available disk space.
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/2008/10 (32/64-bit) and 2K / 2003/2008 R2 / Server 2012

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