EZBlocker 1.5 Download Free Full Version 2017

EZBlocker for Windows is a free application designed to mute ads on the Spotify desktop client. There is no required provision, just download and execute.EZBlocker is designed to be the simplest and most stable application for blocking ads for Spotify. EZBlocker uses a list of locks, so you can choose which ads are blocked. You will not notice any change in performance on Spotify. When you want to listen to songs, simply load EZBlocker and you will be able to listen to your music without any publicity.

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In addition, EZBlocker is completely open source, which means that anyone can see the code. EZBlocker is free of any type of virus and it is guaranteed not to slow down the equipment Spotify offers an easy-to-use and intuitive platform in which you are able to listen to new songs from popular artists, as well as browse entire albums. In addition, it also allows you to listen to the music stored on your computer and create playlists of it.Since Spotify is an application that allows you to listen to content online, it has a rather large inconvenience that has the form of audio announcements. These seem to be reproduced more often than they would like, and tend to ruin the overall experience.

EZBlocker 1.5 Download Free Full Version 2017

EZBlocker is a simple tool specially designed to help you get rid of these ads so you can enjoy the music without having to hear about things that really do not interest you.While Spotify shows a pretty elegant interface, EZBlocker is far from being so. It is composed of a small and simple window from where you can access all its features and functions, but this should not be considered a disadvantage. After all, the application is designed to disable ads, nothing more, and that is exactly what it does.

You get a couple of buttons that add the item that is playing to the block list, another that opens the list mentioned and a third that can be used to activate or deactivate Spotify completely.EZBlocker is able to automatically recognize ads and block them for you. Doing so also displays pop-up notifications that let you know when something has recently been added to the block list.

Actually, notifications are shown for all the audio content that is identified, it does not matter if it’s an ad or a real song. In this sense, EZBlocker can be used as a means to block any song you hate. The only bad thing about this is that if a blacklist song is played at that moment, you have to wait for a silence to end or skip to the next song.To finish, EZBlocker is by all means a useful application to have around when the ads in Spotify reaches your nerves and want to mute it with a single click.

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