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CorelCAD 2018 a complete program that counts drawing tools in both 2D and 3D design in addition to having great compatibility with popular files such as .DWG, .STL, .PDF and .CDR , up to export features such as 3D printing and its interface is very familiar to make the job easier and much more, this program is included in two versions to download as it is 32 Bits and 64 Bits.

Improve your visual communication experience with the precision of the superior 3D design and 2D drawing tools available in CorelCAD? 2018. It is the intelligent and affordable solution to draw the detailed elements required in the technical design. With native support. DWG and file optimization for Windows and MacOS, you can enjoy computer-aided design software that offers greater productivity and impressive performance on the platform of your choice. CorelCAD 2018 offers flexible expansion options for new users and existing customers that adapt to any workflow.

New CorelCAD 2018 – CAD Software

  • Professional 2D drawing tools and 3D design
  • Compatibility with industry standard files with. DWG ,. STL ,. PDF and. CDR *.
  • Collaboration and efficient exchange of projects
  • Optional automation and customization

Efficiency and productivity

Extend your visual communication experience with the precision of superior design and drawing tools available in CorelCAD 2018. With an improved user interface and new time-saving features, you can increase workflow and offer stunning and visually sophisticated CAD designs.

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2D Writing

Get the design power you need with an extensive collection of professional drawing tools that provide the control and detail you need for any project. CorelCAD 2018 offers new helix tools for 2D spirals, advanced table tools and a MultiLeader tool to configure and adjust calls as drawings evolve.

3d design

Experience the skillful and accurate results of the 3D features of CorelCAD 2018 and change your 2D drawing drawings to advanced 3D designs. With a wide range of intuitive and expert 3D tools, including the enhanced EntityGrips and Properties palette, you are well equipped to move from project sketches to output and 3D printing.

Compatibility and optimization

Streamline the sharing of projects with internal teams and external suppliers. CorelCAD 2018 is fully compatible with the latest version, the AutoCAD R2018 file format. DWG, to ensure a worry-free collaboration with business partners, and includes innovative customization and automation options to adapt to any work environment.

New and improved features of CorelCAD 2018:

  • Native files DWG

Open, edit and save files in format. DWG to facilitate collaboration with colleagues and suppliers. Increase the sharing of projects with internal teams and external providers using the latest version, the AutoCAD R2018 file format. DWG, to ensure a worry-free collaboration with business partners.

Standard CAD features of the sector

CorelCAD is compatible with all major CAD programs, so experienced users will be comfortable with the command bar, command aliases, and menu and toolbar elements.

3D solids modeling and editing tools

Save invaluable design time with faster on-screen editing tools. The enhanced palette of EntityGrips and Properties allows 3D editing and provides intuitive 3D manipulation capabilities. Add 3D solid primitives to your design and use Boolean operations to join, intersect, and subtract bodies. Use advanced editing tools such as Filleting Edges of 3D Solids, and coloring, moving, rotating and compensating individual faces of 3D solids.

Table stand

Use the new ExportTable command to export tables in comma separated format (CSV) and import CSV files into Microsoft Excel applications or databases. In tables, you can add formulas in cells plus insert, delete, merge or resize cells, rows and columns within existing tables.

Snapshots of objects and EntityGrips

Use CorelCAD’s smart tools, such as snaps, poles, and polar guides, to reposition, align, copy, or quickly resize objects. Enhanced EntityGrips provide 3D editing and intuitive manipulation. Simply use the shortcut context menus to instantly edit the geometry of objects that are in place when you step over any EntityGrip.

Helical tool

Increase the modeling possibilities using the new Helix tool to create 2D spirals and 3D propellers to provide any object with a three-dimensional shape in a single layer around a cylindrical shape, such as a spring or a spiral staircase.

MultiLeader and Smart Dimension Tools

Draw, edit and configure calls with multiple leader lines. This handy tool also allows you to add and remove leading lines to and from the MultiLeaders to adjust and

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