Apowersoft Phone Manager PRO 2.8 Download Free With Serial Key 2017 In this new day we share a highly recommended program that you will surely love it is the Apowersoft Phone Manager PRO 2.8.7 the most recent version of this 2017 a program that will facilitate you enormously as it is one of the best, Absolutely all the files of your Android devices and iOS to your PC or vice versa whether using USB connection or scanning the QR code to connect via WiFi, you can view the content from music, photos, images, videos, installed applications, do Backups and much more, is complete with your medicine to download from different places in a not too large weight, I invite you to know all the information as the characteristics, description and images of Apowersoft Phone Manager PRO 2.8.7,

Description of the program

Apowersoft Phone Manager, one of the best mobile management software available on the market at the moment, is fully compatible with the two main operating systems for smartphones: iOS and Android. It allows you to manage, transfer, view, restore, backup mobile files or tablets, including messages, contacts, applications, bookmarks, call records, wallpapers, songs, videos, etc. easily on the PC.
– Automatically recognizes the device with all the information
– Transfer all files from the telephone devices to the PC and vice versa
– Works seamlessly with devices based on iOS and Android systems
– Manage photos, music, videos, SMS, contacts and other files
– Backup all types of data from your devices to the PC
– Restore mobile files from backups
– Take the screenshots of the phone with a single click on the PC
– Show the phone screens in different modes



Apowersoft Phone Manager comes with other useful features like one-click screen capture, full-screen view of phone frames on the PC, deleting a key, root of a key. All the above functions make it a perfect solution for managing files on your phone or tablet devices. Designed with superb user interface, you will have wonderful experiences while using this phone file manager. And the processes to manage files, synchronize phone with PC, restore data on tablet, take screenshots of phone and so on are very easy.

Transfer data between phone and computer easily

If you lose important files on your phone, you are often likely to transfer data from your phone to the PC for backup purposes. This can be done easily using the cell phone manager. In addition, if you find some beautiful images on your PC and want to save them as wallpapers or screensavers on your phone, simply connect your mobile to the PC and click “Add” to import them directly. This way it is also available so you can transfer other local files such as videos, phone tones, game applications, songs and so on to your mobile devices.

Connect to mobile in 3 ways

If you have the USB cable combined for your phone in hand, just use it to connect the phone to the PC and the program will recognize it. If you do not have it, you can use WiFi to connect the phone to the PC. Using the second path, open the mobile device manager on the phone to get the verification code and enter it on the PC, and then click the “connect” button. The third way is to scan two-dimensional code to connect.

Supports all iOS and Android device series

Although there are several types of phone managers that you can find while searching the Internet, most of them are not compatible with Android and iOS devices. This software gives you the most convenient way to control your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola, Google Nexus etc. Android tablets or phones.

Synchronise, Backup phone content like a breeze

Mobile Device Manager makes it very easy to synchronize files from your phone to your PC. In a few steps, you can back up all your contacts, videos, bookmarks, documents, wallpapers, SMS, calendars, etc. to the computer. But if you only need backups of some content, you can also select items from the phone’s library and move them to the PC.

Restore files from the previous backup on the PC

Sometimes, you can delete important files stored on the phone or lose your device by accident. It’s a great shame that the cherished memories stored on your phone are gone too. Here we recommend that you back up your phone every time you connect it to your computer. Next time, you can retrieve the data anytime you want. Good news to tell you that mobilemanager can help you simply backup and restore your phone data.Also, if you are ready to switch to a new phone, you will find that it has never become so easy. Simply click the “restore” button and you can then synchronize all the data you have copied on your computer to the new phone.

Manage, organise, and edit SMS, photos, videos, music, etc.

Mainly, there are two ways to manage all files on your phone through Apowersoft Phone Manager. For one thing, you can choose to add any media file like music,

Real-time mobile computer or laptop display screen

Although most electronic companies are inclined to develop phones with larger and larger screens, it is always much better to see things on the computer screen. Assuming you would like to project your phone’s screen onto a larger screen to share with others or make demos, what could be the easiest way to do it?Fortunately, this phone manager allows you to display the phone screen in full, 1: 2, 1: 1 and more proportions on the PC. Within which, you can allow others to see the screen of your mobile in large size and also take screenshots conveniently. Rather than displaying the mobile screen on your computer, you can go further to use the Apowersoft Screen Recorder to record all activities so that you can make videos for tutorials or other purposes quite simply.

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What’s new in the latest version:

1. Optimized user interface
2. Support the management of two or more devices at a time
3. Manage all your mobile essentials
4. Secure your mobile data
5. Check all information on your phone
6. Take the screenshot of the phone with a single click
7. Moving mirror to PC
8. Other free services

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