AnyTrans: A powerful alternative to iTunes for Windows and Mac

AnyTrans: A powerful alternative to iTunes for Windows and Mac If iTunes is not good enough for what you need, AnyTrans is the software for transferring and managing data between your iPhone, iPad and your computer.AnyTrans is much more than an alternative to iTunes, it has a whole set of functions for copying, transferring and synchronizing files and data. With a modern design, the software offers a lot of features, such as a file manager, iCloud file management, transfer between iDevices and computer, iPhone cloning, among others.From here you can download AnyTrans and get one of the 5 licenses we are giving away thanks to iMobie, for the first lucky users.

AnyTrans 5.5

The final version of AnyTrans is more powerful and easier to use than ever before. You will never have to worry about switching your device, or when you run out of storage space. Just install the application on your computer, either Windows or Mac, and then connect your Apple device to the computer. From here you can manage all your files, view them and copy them between devices. You can make backups and transfer photos, videos, images and any file that you consider important.It is also possible to access your iCloud account to manage, upload and download all the content that we have in our devices. If at any point you decide to buy a new iPhone, no problem, with AnyTrans you can pass all your data and have them in your new computer intact.

AnyTrans A powerful alternative to iTunes for Windows and Mac

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Transfer music and videos

Transfer your music from your iPhone to any other device regardless of iTunes restrictions. Synchronize your music in a bidirectional way so you never lose your iPhone songs again.

  • Flexible and Bidirectional Transfer: Exports music from your iPhone or iPad to your computer and vice versa.
  • Transfer between iPhones or iPads: The software opens a tunnel that lets two iDevices – iPhone, iPad and iPod of any type – directly share files with each other.
  • Update your playlist directly without iTunes: The program allows you to incorporate a new playlist into your iTunes library without
  • starting iTunes. On the other hand, you can manage your iPhone playlists without synchronizing with iTunes.
  • Simple Playlist Management: You can freely manage your iPhone playlists by simply adding and deleting songs. Reserve each and every music metadata as artwork, games, ratings, while sharing your music with the iTunes library or with another iPhone or iPad.

AnyTrans also allows your iPhone and iPad to play any video from anywhere. Because it intelligently encodes all incompatible formats such as MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, WMV and AVI and makes them reproducible.

Customize your ringtones: Turn your favorite songs into your exclusive ringtone. It automatically intercepts the first forty seconds when it is transferred to the tonality.Move your videos with drag and drop.

Photo Manager

The powerful alternative to iTunes helps you organize, transfer and make copies of your images in a simple and beautiful way. Also, upload, download and remove iCloud photos with just a few clicks.Transferring images to the computer: iPhone devices are known not to allow expansion of storage with an SD card, so the storage space is often reduced. The tool allows you to move photos to PC or Mac with high speed, transferring up to a hundred images in just 3.4 seconds and easily release gigabytes of space in a single click.Systematize Photos and Albums: AnyTrans perfectly categorises all your photos videos, movies, bursts, panoramas and more into albums. Apart from Camera Roll, Photo Stream and Photo Library, it also supports application images in each and every application name folder. No matter how many images you have taken, shared, edited, filtered or even forgotten, each and every one is well archived.Export “Live Photos”: You can export all your live photos as GIF images and share them on Facebook with your friends or use them to enliven your conservations. Your live memories are now activated everywhere.


Take control of all your files by backing up quickly and safely.

  • Extract Files from iTunes Backup and also iCloud: iTunes and also iCloud make a copy of your iPhone periodically. But you can not review the data until the entire backup is restored. Now AnyTrans lets you explore your files inside the backup, and you can extract photos, videos and personal information from iCloud anytime you want.
  • Enable Disk Mode on iPhone and Navigate the File System: Armed with an iOS file browser, software lets you browse the iOS system and you can manage your files simply by drag and drop like another external hard drive. Apart from this, every time you need to store files, AnyTrans can convert your iPhone or iPad to a hard drive.

Data Management and Synchronization
AnyTrans is the most powerful alternative to iTunes synchronization. Now you can only track selective files from the iTunes library to your iPhone and also iPad, and vice versa.

  • Super Fast: Accompany 100 songs or 10 complete albums in just 24 seconds.
  • Unlimited Sync: Free music transfer in bidirectional between the iTunes library and also iPhone / iPad.
  • Never Lose Data: You do not lose even a note of music throughout the Synchronization.
  • Flexible Transfer: Choose any specific music to Sync as you like.
  • Export Simplicity: Export music from the iTunes library and also iPhone to desktop or any other device.
  • Music Metadata Reservation: Perfectly support artists, ratings and more data by transferring your music from the iTunes library and iPhone / iPad.
  • Rebuild iTunes Library Damaged: The program makes it possible to rebuild your iTunes library and recover every music and playlist from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Meanwhile, it does not create duplicates and reserves all the original metadata of music at the time.

Clone your iPhone

Migrate all your data from your old iPhone to the new one easily with the Cloning and Combination tools that gives you the alternative to iTunes. Migration of data does not have to be difficult, much less take too much time.

  • Cloning the content of your old iPhone to a new one: The configuration for a new iPhone is a task that for some can be very complicated and heavy. But with the cloning function, it will remove all your worries. With a simple click, all the data of your old device will be updated to the new one. The level of game you finish saving, the photo you did yesterday, the note of your purchase plan and your favorite music … everything will be ready on your new iPhone.
  • From any iDevice to any iOS version: The Phone Clone not only works between iPhones or iPods; But you can also migrate the content of your traditional iPad mini, which is running iOS 7 for example, to your new iPhone 7 with iOS 10. Whenever you buy a new iPhone or iPad, you can return to install all your data with a Just click.
  • Combining Content Between 2 Devices: When you have multiple iDevices, the Combination tool runs to integrate scattered information between them. You can consolidate your content, including music, contact, books, application notes and more in your daily use without eliminating the original data, and eluding duplicates at the same time.
  • Migrate your application data from one iPhone to another: AnyTrans is the only solution that supports the transfer of associated data within the apps. When you have the same application installed on your target device, it allows you to migrate your application data, saved games and personal preference from one iDevice to the other.

Download iCloud content


With the alternative to iTunes you can manage multiple iCloud accounts at the same time. The software gives you full access to your iCloud account so you can edit and move any contact and note to protect them in depth, upload and download the photos you want to improve your compilation, to delete unwanted messages to save more space.ICloud Administration: Access your iCloud account to the application and start exploring, uploading and downloading your files immediately. In addition, it supports the resumed interrupted download, you can continue the transfer whenever you want.Back up your iCloud account: All your personal information is in iTunes, such as notes, contacts, messages and photos. But what if you lose access to your iCloud account? AnyTrans protects your account by allowing you to back up your Apple mobile device to your computer

Exporting Data

Easily export all your personal information, such as messages, contacts, call history, voicemail, Safari bookmarks, and more from your iPhone, iTunes backup or iCloud.

  • Messages: Preview and back up your SMS and also iMessages from the iPhone to the PC as complete subprocesses with all the images attached in html, text or PDF format. Or migrate them directly to the other iDevice.
  • Contacts: Export your contact list from iPhone to the computer in CSV or VCF – formats adapted from escritiorio, outlook and Google.
  • Notes: Edit your notes in AnyTrans; And save them as readable format in html, text, for later use.
  • Calendar: Edit your events and other personal memories and save them in plain text format or csv.
  • Call history: Export call history from iTunes or the iCloud backup to your computer:
  • Voicemail: Export stacks of voicemail from iPhone to computer and free up storage space.
  • Safari Bookmarks: Export your Safari favorites directly to your desktop and collect your favorite sites on your PC with no problem.
    Safari History: Record the URLs you left on your iPhone, so you can review them at any time.

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